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2 days discovery tour


The Mont Lozere, the Borne Massif and the North of the Cevennes


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1st day: The Borne massif and the Mont Lozere, around the Villefort fault

9:00: Reception of the participants. Interactive slideshow: The geological history of the Mont Lozere and Cevennes area. 10:00: Departure to the Mont Lozere. The Palhere glacial valley. The Mont Lozere granite and the Pre de la Dame and Bouzedes panoramas. The Senegrieres peat-bog. Picnic in Mas de la Barque. Departure to Villefort and the Borne Massif. The Villefort lake and Altier canyon panorama. The medieval village of La Garde-Guerin and the Chassezac canyon panorama. The Villefort fault, the schists of Prevencheres and the Roure plateau. Planchamp and Pied-de-Borne. The « béals » in the Altier canyon. Back in Villefort around 19:00.


2nd day : The upper Ceze valley, the Cezarenque and the Besseges coal basin

9:30: Departure to the Ceze valley. The Cevennes schists around the Bresis castle. The Aujac castle, fault and sandstone plateaus. Picnic in Aujac. Panorama on the Besseges – Gagnieres coal basin. The fossil plants, the Ardeche limestone plateaus around Les Vans. The medieval village of Naves. Panorama on Les Vans, the Serre de Barre and the Mas de l’Ayre fault. Back in Villefort around 18:30.

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